28 August 2014

Upcycling: The professional up-cycler

So, this is it. This is my first official brand-spanking new blog. Excited? Anxious? I do not know. All I know is that I have my trusty laptop, my cup of tea and a head full of exciting ideas ready to go.

I thought a good place to start with my blog would be to explain a little about who I am and what I do.  You will also find this information in the 'About' page on my blog.

I will start with the basics.  I am a 26 year old girl/daughter/sister/wife. I live a quiet life in a cottage in the countryside with my husband and our two very naughty little cats. I have a day job in an office but I won't bore you with those details. I love up-cycling old shoddy furniture, learning new skills in the kitchen and generally loving life.
My story all started in September 2012, when I developed a love of designing and creating jewellery. For months I locked myself away in my make-shift workshop hammering and melting precious metals until I had burned away a big enough hole in both my wooden desk and my precious bank account.  I decided to sell off the stock I had painstakingly crafted and close my online Etsy shop.

However, this minor set back didn't stop me.  If anything it had fully ignited my inner crafts(wo)man and I concluded that I wasn't truly content unless I was doing something creative. A couple of weeks later I was given a crafts book as a gift and the world of creative possibilities opened up to me. It wasn't long before I was melting wax and progressing to ruin even more surfaces (this time my kitchen worktops) learning to make candles. This is something I still enjoy doing to this day, and will continue to do so until my family and friends become so sick of getting scented candles for birthdays they finally find the balls to tell me to stop.

After trying out a wide range of creative projects I quickly discovered Annie Sloan.  Annie Sloan is the creator of 'Chalk Paint', the self-proclaimed 'best paint in the world'. I quickly learnt that I could use Annie Sloan's Chalk Paint on almost every possible surface. I could have painted my whole house with the stuff if I had wanted to (and had the time).  After considering all the endless possibilities I decided to start off small with an ugly pine end table.  The transformation was so great I bought myself another 3 tins of paint and went to town on the rest of the furniture in my home.  My enthusiasm for up-cycling furniture grew and I can finally make a living out of something I am utterly passionate about.

I love the thrill of finding really old pieces (the more battered the better) and transforming them into brand new items, giving them a new lease of life for future generations to enjoy.  I really love the ongoing hunt for pieces that ooze potential and cry out for a makeover.  I particularly enjoy searching through my local recycling centres and car boot sales and when I find a piece I like I love nothing better than fantasising about the transformation that it will go through.

So this is my blog.  You may find the odd article about a new recipe I have found that week that I have to tell the world about, some tips on up-cycling your own furniture or just whatever happens to be on my mind.

I hope you enjoy!


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