14 September 2014

Lifestyle & Food: An evening at The Rex

My Saturday evening was spent with these lovely ladies - my two amazing sisters and my gorgeous mum.
We treated ourselves to a pub dinner at The Three Horseshoes in Winkwell (near Berkhamsted).

The pub is in a gorgeous little location, set along a pretty canal. It is a perfect spot for chilling out with a beer on a summer afternoon.  

The decor inside is lovely. Very old country pub style with original old beams and rustic wooden flooring but with a modern twist.

You can't step into a proper British pub without spotting one of these huge fireplaces, no pub is complete without one!  A perfect warmer for cold winter months whilst you feast on your Sunday lunch.

We didn't pre book a table for dinner but we had no problems finding a spot.  They have extended the restaurant area and so have plenty of space.  We did our usual 'can't decide where to sit' shuffle so spent ages settling on the perfect area.  Once we sat down we were instantly welcomed by the friendly staff, given our menus and asked if we wanted anything to drink.  

I'm a very fussy eater and find pub food menus the most difficult as there is never anything I fancy.  This was the total opposite, I wanted to try everything!  We all found it so hard to decide what to order and so spent ages talking over each dish. 

 Kate went for the Calamari Caesar Salad with Sweet Potato Chips.

 Mum had the tapas option, she chose Honey Glazed Pigs in Blankets, Scotch Egg and Chips.

 Anna is currently avoiding meat (something to do with pregnancy food aversions) and so had the Spicy Bean Burger with Chips.

 And I settled on one of my favourite dishes - Slow Cooked Chilli Brisket with Rice and (very large)Tortilla Chips.

The presentation of the dishes was good but unfortunately we weren't blown away by the taste.  The prices were a little more than I expected from pub grub and naturally I was preparing for some amazing tasting food so I was a little disappointed by this.  I would definitely return to this pub, but would probably go for lunch and opt for something a bit simpler like one of their sarnies or small tapas dishes.  

After dinner we headed to The Rex Cinema on Berkhamsted High Street.  

If you don't already know about this cinema, you would never know it was there.  It is completely hidden - tucked along the side of The Gatsby and I will be honest, you won't be very overwhelmed by the cinema's pretty dull entrance. But once you are inside, have picked up your tickets and stocked up on little tubs of sweets, nuts and cups of tea (no ordinary cinema snacks here!) you will make your way into the cinema's extravagant huge screen. Wowsa!

As you walk through you will really feel like you have been transported back to the 1930's.  The seats are huge, soft and with so much leg room! Downstairs you could even hire a little table by the bar (yes, there is a fully stocked bar inside the screen area!)

And to top it all off, our tickets were only £9.00 each, bargain!
Definitely worth a visit as it's such a great experience.

Our movie of choice was The Jersey Boys.  I am not a film critic, nor am I going to pretend I am one so will keep this bit short and sweet.  Thought the movie was pretty dullsville, no real storyline and lack of character development but enjoyed the songs. 

Despite the mediocre food and boring movie it was an enjoyable evening with the family :)


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