02 September 2014

Upcycling: Before and After, Colonial Coffee Table

Before and After - Colonial Coffee Table
One of my favourite transformations.

This table was in such a poor state when I found it but with a bit of TLC it was given a new lease of life.
I purchased this coffee table from a fellow upcycler that I found on a Facebook selling page.  She had gone a bit OTT with her purchases (easily done, its addictive!) and didn't have the space to store it all.  I managed to bag myself a few bargains but didn't factor in our small little car and how we were going to get it all home.  Let's just say it was a tight squeeze.
Unfortunately the detailed corner pieces of the table had to be removed as they were all loose and once I had taken them off I actually preferred the look of the table.  That saved me the job of re-fixing them!
I had recently purchased a new shade of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint called 'Versailles' and couldn't wait to try it out. The colour was a pale green/grey, and really reminded me of those old colonial style interiors. I love the way they mix the natural greens of the forest with the dark shades of wood. 
Once I had removed the drawers from this table and painted two coats to the whole structure I was feeling excited. My original plan was to paint the drawers as well but once I saw those two shades together I decided to leave them how they were.  I love the look of old and new together and feel like this piece is the epitome of true colonial living.


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