03 September 2014

Upcycling: Before and After, Nest of Tables

This set of tables was part of the haul I managed to get my hands on after seeing an advert on a Facebook selling page from a fellow upcycler.
I loved the shape and simplicity of these tables and had been waiting for a project like them as an excuse to use my new Black & Decker Mouse Detail Sander.
I really wanted to keep the bare wood tops and just paint the legs of these tables, but I didn't like the look of the dark, heavily varnished wood.  I whipped out my handy sander and got to work! The sanding process probably took just as long to complete as it would have done using sand paper but it was so much easier and didn't leave me with a numb hand and arm.  Plus I managed to protect the delicate skin on my hands from being sanded away along with the wood!  I would definitely advise you to wear a dust mask whilst doing this.  I didn't have one so had to tie a huge fluffy sock around my nose and mouth so as to not get any bits of dust in my windpipes.  Also, the sander is really rather noisy so keep your poor neighbours in mind when decided where and when to work.
I really wasn't sure what type of wood to expect to see after sanding away all the varnish but I was pleasantly surprised - it looked great!  The edging of the table top was a lot harder to battle with and I had to use the very tip of the sanding pad.  There was a tiny strip of varnish I just could not reach no matter how hard I tried so I gave in and actually think the finished top looks nice with it there.
I painted the legs in my trusty shade of Annie Sloan 'Old White', sanded the edges to create a distressed look and applied a coat of Clear Wax to the whole lot.
Here is a 'work in progress' pic showing the 3 stages of the project
This set of tables is still for sale so please contact me if you are interested.

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