09 September 2014

Lifestyle: For the mind, body and soul...


Yoga is a big part of my life and I wanted to share how great it is on your mind, body, soul and can cure almost anything.

I was first introduced to yoga at work of all places! It was my colleague's genius idea to bring a yoga teacher into our office every Wednesday lunch time to hold two, hour long yoga classes to anyone that wanted to give it a go.  I know how important it is to stay active and I definitely didn't do enough exercise.  I am just too lazy to go to the gym after work and at the weekends I just like to relax. So when the opportunity arose to take part in a class during my working day, well, I had no excuse!

I took to yoga instantly and loved the immense feeling of well-being after every week.  Each class begins with a few moments of focusing the mind on the breath to really let go of any stresses.  This is so helpful - it draws my mind away from thoughts of work (not easy when I am sitting in the middle of our office boardroom!)

The class then moves onto some gentle 'loosening up' followed by the classic yoga sequences consisting of some very difficult poses. Yoga is a really relaxing, gentle form of exercise that is great for people who hate the gym, but what a lot of people don't realise is that it really works your muscles hard! Each pose makes use of so many of our muscles and just holding each pose for a few seconds can be difficult.

The class ends with some gentle floor work followed by a really relaxing meditation, lying on your back.  It helps to have a teacher with a soothing voice so that you can totally drift off but be careful not to fall asleep here! (the sounds of snoring can be quite distracting)

I am always left with an overwhelming sense of total relaxation and well-being.  It does wonders to your mind, body and soul. Only downside to doing a yoga class at work - how difficult it is focusing your mind back onto work.

About 2 or 3 years ago I injured my lower back trying to move heavy furniture into our new flat.  I have had constant problems with the pain and just walking and sitting down for a long time caused havoc.  As soon as I started yoga my back pain literally vanished.  I remember at the end of my first class, I was able to bend down and put my socks on! Such a little triumph for me :) I know that sounds so silly and makes me sound like an old lady but it was something I hadn't been able to do for a while.  I have had such minimal back pain over the last year and I am convinced it is all down to yoga. Thanks yoga! It is also great for the mind and spirit.  I am much happier in myself, far more confident in who I am and a lot stronger emotionally. I now try to get an extra session in at home each week.  I simply lay out my mat on my bedroom floor and find a good youtube channel (this one is good for beginners) on my iPad.

So I think it is fairly obvious that I would recommend yoga to anyone and everyone.  All shapes, all sizes, all ages, all problems, all genders...yoga is for you!

Namasté people!



  1. Great post :) I have a yoga mat and I love just lighting some candles, putting on some relaxing music and doing some yoga in the evening :) xx