30 September 2014

Upcycling: Footstool heaven!

Found these two little beauts at my local recycling centre (the dump to you and me).
Can you believe they were thrown away? Whatttt????
Not sure what my plans are with them yet. 
The pink one definitely needs a lick of paint on those orange pine legs so I am thinking I will paint them in an 'Old white' and then decide whether to re-upholster the cushion.
The grey cushion on the second footsool I love so will definitely keep that, the base just needs a freshen up so will give that a light coat of ASCP 'Old white' also.
Planning to keep the grey one in the bedroom as it will go perfectly with our new d├ęcor, the pink one may need to be sold on.
So many decisions! Cant wait to get started on these bad boys :)

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