04 September 2014

Lifestyle: Hello September

It is almost autumn but you wouldn't know it judging by the warm weather.

Me and the hubster decided to make the most of the last remaining sunny days of summer and take a post-dinner walk along the river around the back of our home.  We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful area of the Bucks countryside and often stroll through the woodlands finding new routes as we go.

I wanted to see those first signs of autumn, the scattering of golden leaves and misty fields.  But the leaves were still green and the sun was shining bright - dammit!.  I always find it difficult planning what to wear on days like these.  Those trans-seasonal few days at the beginning of a new season where floaty dresses are not enough and jeans and jumpers are too much.  I opted for my favourite high street shop and dressed head to toe in H&M.  The warm temperatures allowed for my favourite cami top in bright pink coupled with my 'they go with everything' jeans. I battled with my mind when deciding on appropriate footwear.  Practical boots for walking through woodland were not weather appropriate but weather appropriate sandals were not practical enough for walking!  I settled on some patent pumps in a nude colour, so comfy (even after an hour's walk!)

With autumn on it's way I am looking forward to one of my favourite seasons. I love watching the landscapes change and that feeling of crisp foggy mornings.  Most of all I love being able to wrap up warm in layers of knitted jumpers, scarves and coats.  Not to mention any excuse to get my collection of boots out of that dark place in the wardrobe where they have been hibernating throughout the summer.  Many of you will have the post-summer blues wishing the long hot days would never end but you are forgetting all the wonderful things about this new season!

Big bowls of steaming hot soup
My whole Sunday filled with the smells of a gorgeous casserole bubbling away in the oven
A cup of tea and a good book by the fire
Crisp, foggy mornings when I set off for work
Golden leaves
Cosy, warm pyjamas
Hot bubble baths after a cold day spent outdoors
Romantic English countryside getaways
Thick black tights
Halloween and pumpkin pie

 I am looking forward to many more autumnal discoveries and will keep you posted on any new areas we uncover.


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