11 September 2014

Travel: Kicking back in Corfu

The hubster and I wanted a really relaxing, kick our feet up type of holiday this year and after months of trawling through pages and pages of online travel sites we I finally decided on the beautiful Greek island of Corfu as the destination of choice.  The all inclusive style treatment was a must so we booked 'Hotel Aquis Aghios Gordios Beach' with Thomson Holidays
Take a look at the view from our room! 

Unfortunately we didn't get the relaxing honeymoon we were hoping for last year, so we wanted this holiday to be thought of as 'Honeymoon Part 2'.  We informed the hotel of this prior to our stay just in case they had any special touches up their sleeve but we were sadly told that you have to have had your wedding within 6 months prior to the holiday....bummer!
Never mind though... when we arrived we discovered that they had upgraded us to one of their best luxury suits.. yay! And what a suite it was! Our view was amazing.
The hotel is in the best location, set back in the mountainside surrounded by rocks and trees. Bliss.
 Our first day was spent exactly how everyone spends the first day of their holidays... exploring!
We wandered down the many, many little steps to the beach and walked along the sand into the nearby little village of Aghios Gordios.
And loved it so much we spent nearly every night there.... 

Although we opted for a chilled out holiday we are still little culture vultures at heart so we did a day trip into Corfu town.  After listening to our friendly Thomson rep talk about all the lovely (but pricey) excursions we could go on we decided to just 'wing it' and do it ourselves.. and thank god we did!
Got up ridiculously early to catch a PACKED bus (standing space only) and travelled about an hour until we reached Corfu town.  The day we picked to go was a scorching hot day (about 35 degrees) so we didn't want to spend all day there.  Luckily there wasn't a lot to see so we bashed out the sights and caught the lunchtime bus back to the hotel. Although it was such a quick day it was lovely to see the town and get our culture-fix.

  We were so excited to go to Greece as we are obsessed with pita bread and hummus but surprisingly found it difficult to find anywhere that served it... what?!
It wasn't a problem though as we soon discovered 'gyros'. Delicious wraps made from flatbread and stuffed with chicken, chips, tomatoes and drizzled in tzatziki... my mouth is watering just thinking about them, I think we hade one every day for lunch. 
This holiday was just what we needed after a difficult year.. total relaxation.
But just like any holiday, we came back with some gruntles and here are our travel tips if you plan to visit this amazing island.
Top tips
1. Stay in Aghios Gordios, we didn't see much of the rest of the island but heard many people talk about how this part was the most beautiful.
2. This isn't the type of destination where you need the safety and security of an all inclusive travel package type holiday.  The food is safe, the people are friendly and we saw some lovely little boutique hotels in the village. 
3.  If you do decide to stay at the Hotel Aquis Aghios Gordios, don't be put off the beach by your first impressions.  The hotel's private area is very squashed, dirty and just a bit un-loved.  We met a lovely lady called Joyce a little further along and she was amazing. Her little seafront area was the cleanest and most hassle-free.  No annoying 'massage ladies' or men trying to sell fake watches.  She provided beach games, snorkles and magazines and I think we paid only 5 euros for two beds and an umbrella each day, so worth it.
4. Visit Corfu town on a cooler day as it gets very busy and requires a lot of walking.
And finally, any holiday isn't complete without a few selfies..



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