22 September 2014

Lifestyle: My weekly round up

This week was a particularly good week for me as it was my birthday! wooooo!
Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeeee..

Anyway, my weekly round up will feature lots of birthday things as it pretty much dominated my week and like everybody else I extended the celebrations for as long as I could, naturally.

1. Feeling the love. I received so many lovely birthday wishes from my nearest and dearest and really felt loved this week. Thank you all :)

2. Hubster.  Each year my birthday is made extra special by him being in my life.  He thinks about all the little details and makes my birthdays amazing. Thank you hubster!

 3. My favourite perfume, Narciso Rodruigez (buy it here).  It is absolutely deliciously amazing and I have been dousing myself in it all week.

4. Birthday surprise BBQ! The first and the last of the year, unless we can squeeze another one in before the cold sets in.

5.  Cakes, cakes and more cakes... I think I was lucky enough to have 4 birthday cakes this year and nothing beats cake!

6. My lovely Mummy treated me to a Champneys gift voucher so I can go and spend the day being pampered, well needed I think!

7. Treating my 'inner crafter' to a day at The Handmade Fair with Mum, Look at these little cuties we made!

 8.  Payday.  Need I say anymore? Money, money, money!

9. My hairdresser, Michael. He works wonders on my hair and I cannot praise him enough.

10. Charlie.  When we got him from the RSPCA last year he was very nervous and jumpy. After a year trying to get him to relax a bit more he has finally settled down and is such happier little cat. Just look at his happy little face!

What has made you happy this week?


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