29 September 2014

Lifestyle: My weekly round up

Following on from my busy birthday week last week, this one felt a lot quieter in comparison.
However, I still managed to find lots of happy things :)

1. My Monday was spent shopping and having a lovely lunch - clothes and food, my two favourite things. Oh, and nothing beats having a Monday off work!
2. The new, shiny H&M catalogue arrived this week and I couldn't wait to sit down and go through page by page with my sharpie pen (and a box of maltesers).
3. I had a lovely quiet week at work - sometimes it is nice just to slow down every now and then.
4. A couple more birthday treats (yes, I may win the award for the longest running birthday celebrations ever)
5. Finding the strap for my camera.  After getting a nice new camera, I was so excited to get to use it on my holibobs to Corfu but spent the WHOLE holiday searching for (and not finding) a shop that sold camera straps so I could wear it round my neck without having to carry the (very bulky) camera bag around with me.  So what did I find when I was clearing out my room this week? THE CAMERA STRAP! Little did I know, the camera came with one when I bought it, I just hadn't looked that far into to the box when unpacking it.. oops!
6. Hubster cleared out our spare room, found our two wedding photo albums and left them out on the side so the next time I went in I saw them sitting there and I couldn't help but flick through all the memories :)
7. Now that my sister lives so close we got to pop over on Friday night and had our first fire of the season! Totes coze!
8. After seeing Martin (the money saving expert don't you know?) on 'This Morning' on Monday giving his top tips for Christmas budget planning, we couldn't help but get a little excited.  I know, I know, its not even October yet but we look forward to Christmas so much and so we spent the morning writing our spending budget for this year.  Yay Christmas!!
9. Groupon have an amazing deal on at the moment, 2 Odeon tickets for £10 or 5 tickets for £20! seeing as we have an Odeon just down the road we had to snap up this amazing offer.  We are planning on seeing 'Gone Girl' in a couple of weeks time.
10. I had finally had enough of Bobby hunting the little baby birds in our garden so decided the only way to stop him would be to reduce his manhood and get him a little sparkly collar with a tinkly little bell. Little did I realise this would provide us with such entertainment, watching him trying to get it off - just a shame I didn't manage to snap a photo!
What were your highlights for the week?

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