07 September 2014

Lifestyle: Weekly round up - My 10 happy things

It is the end of another week in the life of...me!

Each week I like to think back and list 10 things that have made me happy.  It is so important in life to focus on the positives and I think we find it far too easy to dwell on the negatives.  This is a great little exercise to help train your mind to think more happy thoughts, and we all know that thinking happy = feeling happy (even Buddha said so).

So here they are, my 10 happy things :)

1. My amazing sister finding out the sex of her baby (shhh its a secret!)

2. The whole family getting together at my Mum's house for a scrumptious take away of fish and chips.. yum!

3. Listening to all the amazing live lounge recordings from the start of Radio 1's 'More Music Month' on my drives to and from work...

4. ...and downloading Sam Smith's cover of 'Fast Car' and playing it on repeat!

5.  Discovering a new, easy mid week recipe (blog post to come) and having it not turn out to be a disaster.

6.  Finally finishing painting my new bed...

7. ...and the arrival of our new mattress

8.  Getting a guided tour of my sister and brother-in-law's new home (which is just 2 minutes drive away- yay)

9.  Getting the builders in to remove our ugly shower unit that was in the corner of our bedroom (don't ask)

10.  Completing my first week of blogging and reaching 10 followers on bloglovin, one small step at a time people!

So try it out for yourself, what are the happy moments from your week? I am definitely feeling happier after reminiscing over my past week :)
And remember what Audrey Hepburn says... 'Happy girls are the prettiest'



  1. Congratulations on reaching 10 followers. I really like this post. Keep up the good work.