05 October 2014

Lifestyle: My Weekly Round Up

When I started writing this blog series I thought it was such a great way to practice the 'Law of Attraction' by giving me my own personal space to log all the positive things in my life.  

I really thought that after a few weeks I would have found it pretty difficult to think of things that have made me happy, there's only so much to be thankful for right? Wrong! It has actually become easier as the weeks progress. 

I have learnt to appreciate even the small things in life.  It doesn't matter how big or how small something is, if it has brought you a little joy to your day then it's definitely something to be grateful for.

So, my last week was a pretty average week, I went to work, came home, made dinners.  Nothing overly exciting, but I still have lots of ammo for this weeks' weekly round up post :)

1.  It is mid-October and yet the sun is still shining and the temperatures are still high.  As much as I am looking forward to the colder weather so I can whip out my winter jumpers and scarves, I am loving the prolonged summer.  Sunshine = happiness.

2.  A little late night road trip with my sister down to Dorset. We are talking car snacks, lots of laughter and best of all - no traffic!

3.  The most comfortable bed in the world followed by a full English breakfast that wasn't cooked by me (the best kind!)

4.  The seaside!!!!!!

5.  A lovely morning catch up with an old friend.

6.  Finding this seafront pub, I really loved the d├ęcor.

7.  Mmmmmmmm Sloppy Joe sub and onion rings (yes I took a bite before I realised I needed to take a photo - oops)

8.  A gorgeous dinner with gorgeous friends and lots of laughter.

9.  Colour inspiration.  This shade of blue was literally painted all over the seaside town that is Lulworth.

10.  X-Factor - nothing says cozy evening in like a night in front of the tele.


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