12 October 2014

Lifestyle: My Weekly Round Up

Another week, where does the time go?! Is it me or do the days go past faster and faster? Just another reason to stop and appreciate all the good things in your life because if not, you might blink.. and miss it.

1. A well deserved date night with Hubster.

2. Gorgeous Italian food with the fam for big sister's birthday.

3. My Sunday afternoon spent cooking Daddy's Pie (which is actually a Jamie Oliver recipe)

4. This very motivational poem.  I have this hanging in my bathroom and I read it every morning as I am getting ready.

5.  Welcoming mum and sister home from their holibobs...and getting a lovely bottle of South African wine :).

6.  Waking up on Sunday morning, thinking it was Monday and then realising it was still the weekend. 
Best. Feeling. Ever

7. Replenishing my stock of furniture all ready to upcycle.

8.  I know this one features a lot in my weekly round ups but just look at him.. I don't think he could have gotten any cuter.

9.  Watching endless episodes of Friends.  I have been watching it for a few weeks now and I am still only on season 2!

10.  Cakes, cakes and more cakes! We had a little Macmillan Coffee Morning at work this week. Just look at this bad boy!


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