19 October 2014

Lifestyle: My Weekly Round Up

1. I got a new phone this week. Yep! I took a leap of faith and switched from Apple to Samsung, and I am so glad I did.  I love getting new gadgets so I have spent all week playing around on it.

2. Cooked a pretty delicious curry all from scratch for the first time ever.  I ditched that Patak's curry paste jar and raided my spice cupboard.  I will definitely be cooking it again so I will be sure to post the recipe.

3. I spent my Friday evening with a fellow blogging friend (Katy's Beauty Online), a couple of pizzas and a bottle of wine...

4. ...followed by my Saturday evening with my sister, some chinese food and X Factor.

5. Reminiscing over some old photos (I am the cute little munchkin on the left).

6. Already getting ready for the Christmas vibe, organising which Christmas tree to get for the reception area at work. Yipee!

7. Finally finding some time to work on a few new projects.

8. Getting through a serious amount of Friends episodes, obbsessed? nah!

9. Another successful trip to the dump. I need to remember to go every week so I can stock pile pieces to work on over the winter months (when no one has the energy to clear out their homes).

The Secret
10. This quote that popped up on my Facebook newsfeed  from 'The Secret'.


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