04 October 2014

Lifestyle: The Power

This book changed my life.

That is a pretty bold statement but it is true, it brought me out of quite a dark place and honestly changed my life forever.

'The Power' is the second book in a series of four amazing, thought provoking books by Australian author, Rhonda Byrne.  Rhonda shot to fame after writing her first book 'The Secret', one that many of you may have heard of before.

I was first introduced to 'The Secret' a few years ago.  One of my sisters recommended that I read it but I could never really grasp it because of the way it was written.  I found that it repeated itself a lot, but I can now see that this was essential to ensure that your mind really takes the message in. Anyway, I think I read about a quarter of the book before I got bored and gave up.  

A few years later Hubster got 'The Power' as a Christmas gift and I knew I had to read it. Looking back I wasn't in the right frame of mind to read a book like 'The Secret'. I believe it's the sort of thing that will make sense only at times when you really need it the most.  A bit like that Nanny McPhee quote that basically says if you require help it will be there, and when you don't it will disappear. Good old Nanny McPhee, she knew what she was talking about.

The second book, 'The Power' is a lot like the first in that it shares the same message, however it is written differently. Basically, 'The Secret' introduces the reader to the law of attraction, and 'The Power' teaches the reader to use it as a tool to get anything and everything you want out of life.

What is the Law of Attraction?
To put it simply (and without re-writing the whole book in one post) the law of attraction is the secret to life.  The whole universe is made up of energy, positive and negative, and the law of attraction is simply the belief that 'like attracts like'. So whatever energy you are giving out, you will receive back.

Anyway, after only reading the first chapter I instantly felt like I had suddenly been shown the whole world and it's infinite possibilities. 

I was sold.  

As the book progresses it helps to train your mind into a more positive way of thinking.  That is essentially it. It's all about thinking positive thoughts instead of negative ones, saying positive things instead of negatives things.  It really is that simple. 

After reading the book I felt so much better in myself, my life, my work, my family. I was happy. Not just content, I was over the moon happy, everyday... !! 


The book advertises itself as a self-help and spirituality book.  Sure, it's a self help book but nothing like you may be used to reading.  Spirituality? I don't know. I wouldn't say it is purely for people who call themselves spiritualists.  It includes quotes from many of the most historical religious figures in the world; Buddha, Jesus, Mohammed.  And even some from the top scientists and philosophers of our time; Einstein, Eddison, Plato.  This book really is for everyone, every religion and every belief, the law of attraction has roots in all of these. 

It's not until you are introduced to the law of attraction that you start to see how easy it is to say/think negatively. Even after a few months I started to slip up, and found myself saying the odd negative thing here and there like 'I don't like Mondays' or 'I'm not feeling very well today'. So I now keep the book by my bedside and when I feel like I need to remind myself, I read a couple of chapters before bed.  That always seems to do the trick.

Try it for yourself, spend one day being fully aware of people's words and actions and take a mental note of how many positive ones you see and hear. You will be surprised (especially on Monday mornings!). Then try and spend the following day being fully aware of your own thoughts and words, try and catch yourself before you say something negative and change it to a positive. It may be difficult for you at first but after a while it will be a natural process.

I really hope that the next thing you do today is go and buy this book and learn about the secret to life for yourself.  Enjoy, and here is to your happy happy futures!


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