21 November 2014

Lifestyle: New social media Alert! Wantfeed

Okay so I know I am fairly new to this whole 'social media' malarky (it doesn't take much to confuse me when I try to link Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter - god give me strength! - with my blog posts) but OH.MY.GOD I am absolutely loving Wantfeed.  

A new exciting bookmarking social platform very similar to Pinterest but even better???....YES PLEASE

If, like me you are totally obsessed with creating hundreds of lists of things you want, things you need to buy, Christmas present ideas (the list is endless) and the number of tabs on your internet browser is seriously threatening to kill your laptop then read on...

In the lead up to Christmas this year I thought it would be a good idea to put together a little 'wishlist' for friends and family to get inspiration for what to buy me (I'm not greedy - just really hard to buy for!)  I instantly thought of creating a board on Pinterest and sending it round to my peeps but that got annoying because only a couple were on Pinterest and the rest didn't 'get it'.

Then, as if by magic I found Wantfeed- my problems were solved!

I first heard about this new social media platform through Hannah Maggs on YouTube (check out her channel) and subsequently the Michalak Family Diaries, turns out that Hannah's husband Stef is the brains behind the website - thanks Stef! :)

The site in a nutshell is basically this:
You create little wish lists
You copy and paste links to your most wanted items on the internet
Enter a few basics (price, shop etc)
Wham bam thank you ma'am there it is!
You can even link up with other Wantfeed users - find your friends and see what they are lusting after this season!

If you are feeling nosey and want to see my current loves click here.

Definitely go check out this site, it's so handy being able to see images of your wishlist without having to laboriously save each link into your bookmarks tab.


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