27 November 2014

Lifestyle: Throw Back Thursday

Look how happy we look!

I spent a lot of this week reminiscing over past holidays.  I think it's due to the cold weather setting in, it's making me wish it was summer again! What I would give to be back here in this photo, with my sister (and a rather questionable camel).

If you haven't guessed already this was taken on our little trip to Dubai.  Stupidly we decided to go during the hottest month of the year and paid for it in sweat!
Upside-the resort was empty! we basically had the whole hotel to ourselves. 

This holiday was such an experience and Dubai is definitely one of the places I would like to revisit and would recommend it to anyone- its one of those holidays you need to tick off your bucket list.

Thank you Dubai, for the most amazingly hilarious memories with my sister.


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