10 December 2014


Day 10 - Building Snowmen

I tried to find a photo for this one but couldn't find one anywhere.  This may be due to the fact that it hasn't properly snowed in years! When I think back to past Christmases when I was just a little bean I remember thick heavy layers of snow in each and every one of them!  We used to take walks down to our local park sled down the huge hill, throw snowballs and yes, you guessed it! Build snowmen! 

I am going to go to my Mums and hunt through all her old photos as I am determined to find a photo of us building snowmen. There has got to be one somewhere. 

Blog post to be continued...

So I paid a little visit to see my lovely Mum and had a raid through box upon box of photographs.  Out of about 10,000 photos I found these two.  Admittedly not snowmen at all but playing in the snow nonetheless!

When was the last time you saw that much snow in the UK? I think we deserve a big snowy Christmas this year.. Who's with me!!


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