14 December 2014


Day 14 - Bits!

...and I don't mean just any bits!
'Bits' to me and my family means one thing... FOOD

When we were younger this meant raiding our fridge for anything we could find and grabbing some plates. At Christmas time it means the following:
Cold meats
Cut up carrot, celery and peppers with dip (or crudites to the poshies)
Crisps (usually twiglets or mini cheddars)
Pickled onions
Cheese and crackers
Pigs in blankets
Stuffing balls

As much as I love instagramin' foodie pics I somehow didn't have one of 'bits' so resorted to a spot of googling to provide the piccy for this post.

We have this big spread all throughout the month of December and use any excuse for it! 
Friends are coming round for drinks.. bits. 
We are putting the Christmas tree up...bits.
Family are coming round to drop off presents...bits.
Christmas films are on the telly...bits.
It is Christmas eve...bits.
It is boxing day... bits.
It is New Years Eve...bits!

Do you have any traditional food that you have to eat over the festive period? I would love to hear in the comments below so I can add them to our bits list!


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