19 December 2014


Letters from Santa

Possibly the most amazingly magical event in any child's life. Getting a letter straight from the big guy himself!
I think it might have only happened the one time when I was little but I still remember it to this day.
I couldn't believe my luck when Santa responded to my letter!

My mum must have spent ages typing up that letter, adding a cute little festive border and a couple of Christmassy pictures from clipart.  It is much simpler nowadays, there are tons of websites available where you just enter a few details and wham bam thank you maam your letter is in the post! Zero effort required.
But who doesn't want to write their kid a cute little letter full of surprises, and getting to watch them read it full of amazement? I think the old school way is much more fun.

However, if you are a parent pushed for time here are a few handy little links to help you on your way..



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