22 December 2014


Day 22: Secret Santa
Christmas is just a few working days away now and offices across the nation are sure to be gathering around for 'Secret Santa'.  A cheaper and simpler gift giving alternative more commonly found in workplaces that ensures everyone gets a gift but means you don't need to buy a gift for everyone.
Traditionally names are placed in a hat and picked out at random. The idea being that you buy a gift (generally a spending limit of around £10) for whoever you draw out of the hat. 
We have recently adopted this tradition at home on Christmas Day.  My mum used to buy us each a little gift to open at the dinner table (just to prolong the present opening process) and as we have grown older and extra members of the family have arrived -hubbys!- we thought it was only fair she received something too - enter Secret Santa! It is always a good laugh and each year we are all guaranteed to guess/find out who got who (simply by matching up the wrapping paper to what we received earlier in the day!)

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