25 December 2014


Day 25: What really matters..

Merry Christmas everyone!
So here it is, after blogging everyday for the last 24 days, Christmas has finally arrived.  
I have shared with you all the little things that make my Christmas and every family has their own unique traditions too.  But the one thing we all have in common? Christmas is simply a time to be surrounded by close friends and family.

 It isn't about the presents under the tree, the huge turkey with all the trimmings or even the magic of Santa Claus.  It's about making memories with the people you love, laughing, singing and dancing together.  A time to appreciate everyone around you and show them you care.

As I think back to Christmases gone by I can honestly say I really don't remember what gifts I received.  I can, however, remember every Christmas like they were yesterday.  Memories imprinted in my mind, gifts I will carry with me forever.

So please go and enjoy your day with the people you love and care about, make memories.  Because that is really what Christmas is all about.


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