30 January 2015

Lifestyle & Beauty: What's in My Little Box, January 2015

After My Little Box's big debut into my life at the end of last year I was super excited to receive the latest edition for January. I was dying to open it all up to discover what lovely little treats I had in store. 

 This month's box was centered around fitness and wellbeing.  A perfect fitting at the time of year we set those ridiculous resolutions (how many of you are still going for that run 3 times a week?).

I really liked the little motivational quote card this month.  Something to hang up in my office maybe, a few little words of encouragement when I hit a mental block. Or maybe by my bedside to help with those cold mornings and to kick myself out of bed!

I was even more pleased when I discovered this really lovely little calendar.  I was thinking of making another one of those photo calendars for this year but didn't get round to doing it and I'm glad I didn't because I love the little motivational quotes in this one.

I also got this very practical gym/duffel bag (obviously I wont be using it as a gym bag.. maybe a weekend bag?).  It's so lightweight and folds up so small it would also be great to take as a carry on luggage on a flight.  Either way, a bag is a bag and you can never have too many (says the girl who hoards canvas and plastic bags like nobodies business!)
 And then came the beauty part.  If you read my last My Little Box review in December you will know that beauty products don't really get my motor running and my morning routine literally consists of face wash, exfoliator, moisturiser and a bit of hairspray. The appeal of My Little Box for people like me is that it isn't centered around the beauty component and you just get 3 samples (or in this case 3 full sized products!).
This Nails Inc varnish in Tate (£11.00) was the first thing to catch my eye. I do love a bit of nail varnish (when I can be bothered) and so was very happy to add this little one to my growing collection.  Also, it is a lovely deep shade of red... basically the only colour varnish I use! Winner winner chicken dinner!  Nails Inc have always been one of my favourite brands to use, I love the quick application and I can get away with just one coat.
I was a little bit sceptical of this Energizing Mist by My Little Beauty (£7.50).  Not realllly sure the point in it.  It says that it contains Green Tea and Vitamin C to help brighten the appearance of dull skin. It may be good for those make up free days just to give you a bit more of a boost. However, it didn't make my skin look any brighter. Maybe it would be nice and refreshing after a long run or gym session but I do neither of those so it is a bit wasted on me. I will probably keep it to take away on holiday in the summer to cool me down after a long sunbathing sesh.

 I've never heard of the Talika brand, but maybe that is because I am not a beauty connoisseur (?!).  However I do like to try out different moisturisers so was quite happy to try the Photo Hydra Day Cream 30ml (£30.00). It says that it uses the energy from natural light (what?!) to deeply moisturise and hydrate the skin.  Since when was light used to moisturise? Confused!  But here is a bit I do understand.. it contains mango butter which nourishes and prevents dehydration.  Okay something I can believe, thank you Talika. Sounds like they have gone a bit overboard on their marketing schpiel there.  Anyway, take away all that crap and it is actually an okay moisturiser.  It doesn't feel heavy on the skin and has a cooling effect so may be another good product to use after some heated exercise. Again wasted on me. I think I will stick to my cheapy Cetaphil Moisturising Lotion (£8.99) instead of forking out £30.00 for something that does the exact same thing (plus only getting a fraction of the product!)

All in all, this was a great little box. However, it was a bit wasted on the likes of myself and probably more suitable for the fitness fanatics out there (weirdo's).  I am going to make good use of the calendar, quote card and nail varnish though so it was definitely worth it.
Until next time, My Little Box!


Nicola Bhamra

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