06 January 2015

Lifestyle: Oh hello there, 2015

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Ahhhhh a fresh, new, unwritten year ahead... I love that feeling, don't you?  It is a bit like opening a brand new textbook to an empty new page at the beginning of a school year.
However, where on earth has the last year disappeared to?

 I am sure you are all asking yourselves that very same question.  Time goes by so fast and whenever January rolls around I cannot believe that another year has passed. I often think around this time of year of the importance to take in each and every moment of life and savour it, and to not waste a single drop wishing the days away because before you know it, it will all be over.

Anyway, it's the start of a new year which can only mean one thing... New Year resolutions!
The blogging world has been inundated with resolution posts and it is such a great thing to look back on the following year to see how many you have actually managed to stick to.  Since I have just started blogging I can get away with not having to think of excuses why I am such a failure as I don't have any resolutions to look back on.  So here I am, beginning my new tradition!

Instead of setting myself ridiculous tasks that I know I won't stick to like cut down on sugar or join a gym I have decided to set myself a few goals that I would like to have achieved by the end of 2015. 

Look after my health
A nice, vague goal that doesn't mean I have to join a gym I wont use or buy stupidly expensive trainers for those runs that I know I wont take.  I just want to be more aware of my health this year. Book appointments that I have been putting off, take the stairs instead of the lift and make the most of the gorgeous countryside that I live in by exploring more (on foot I might add).

Get the house in order
We moved into our little house just over a year ago and in that time we have redecorated a couple of rooms and completely redone the garden.  This year I would like to finish all the little jobs around the house.  There are the bigish jobs: replace the flooring in the living room, get new windows, decorate the kitchen, turn the spare room into a functional living space and replace the upstairs hallway carpet.  And the little things: new curtains for the kitchen, get some shoe storage in place in the porch, get some barstools for the breakfast bar and redesign the layout of the extension.  However, in order to do all of this we need to...

Save, save, save!
I don't know if any of you are guilty of the same thing but I am terrible at saving money.
It tends to go a little like this: I spend, spend, spend - get immensely carried away - have a mental breakdown when I see how much I have spent - decide to do something about it - make myself save way more than I can afford to - realise I have no money at the end of the month - get depressed that I can't buy any pretty things - take money from my savings - spend, spend, spend....It really is a vicious cycle.   I have decided that this year I am going to save sensibly, a little each month should do it. It is important to be able to have a little money leftover to spend on things that make you happy so I wont over do it on the savings.  Moneysavingexpert.com have so many tips on saving money and this year they have put together 10 New Year Resolutions dedicated to saving money.

Go furniture crazy
I want to put more time and energy into up cycling furniture as possible this year. It will soon be Spring, the best time to gather as much second-hand furniture as possible and stock my shed up to the roof ready for painting in the warmer months of Summer.  Winter is a bit of a lull for me, the weather is too crap to dry anything I have painted, my house is too small to use as workspace and no one is clearing out their homes and so there is no second-hand furniture to be seen... anywhere!  This year I need to find/create a space that I can use all year round to work in.  A heated workshop would be ideal, so I am looking at building a big shed at the end of my garden. I would like to have that up and ready to use next Winter.

Travel more
We have a few places on our bucket list that we would like to get through and provided we nail the savings this year we may be able to tick a few off.  We have already started to plan a little get away to see some family in Mallorca this Summer and we may even be able to sneak in a couple of weekend city breaks too! Bruges would be lovely over Christmas time and I have always wanted to go to Paris (hint hint Hubby!).  We are also dying to go back to Corfu, so maybe with a couple of cheap flights we will be able to have a week there too (here's hoping!)

Now they are there, in writing and on the internet I have even more pressure to get these ticked off. 
Time to get my butt into gear I think!

Until next time.


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