28 February 2015

Lifestyle: Bye Bye February, My Month in Pictures

Wow, February, you were a busy one weren't you!
I don't think I have ever been so all over the place as I have been this month. 
In a good way though, obvs.

February kicked off with a bang and the long awaited arrival of my gorgeous little nephew, Reggie David King.  My sister did such a great job getting that little man out (and with very little pain relief too!) so well done sister.  I have absolutely fallen in love with my nephew and that has been very evident on my Instagram account this month.  Expect to see this little fella making many many more appearances.

No cat photos this month, maybe that is because my quota of cute insta snaps was taken up solely by little Reggie. I will be sure to spend more time with the other cuties in my life in the coming weeks, Don't want them to feel abandoned now, do we.

Other than Reggie, my Insta feed was dominated mainly by all the picture worthy moments on my recent trip to LA. I just cant resist a good palm tree, they were crying out to be snapped.

A close third was Valentine's Day, Hubby did well as always and this year I got a lovely bunch of flowers (always the same roses we had at our wedding) and my all time fav choccies.  So obviously I had to flaunt my love to the world and post it all over social media.
What a lovely hubby I have :) everybody needs to know.

So that was February. A short month but jam packed full of excitement.
I have made a little blog resolution this month (a bit late I know).  Going forward I will be posting more, every Wednesday and Saturday.  Let's see how well I keep that up!

Also, it is almost spring which means that I can finally get going again with lots of upcycling projects.  Woop woop!  As soon as it starts getting a bit warmer over the next month or so I will definitely be whipping out my paint pots and brushes and filling the house with old shoddy furniture.  So expect to see much more home decor/upcycling related posts on here - the main reason I started this blog!

So, bye bye February.  You were good to me. I will miss you.

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