07 February 2015

Love: Fun, cheap and thoughtful gifts for the other half this Valentine's Day

Valentine's day, you either love it or hate it. This is usually decided solely by your marital status. For those in a happy relationship it's a chance to get together with your other half and flaunt what you have for all to see.  For singletons it is a day to be avoided at all costs, and a complete waste of time fabricated wholly by the consumer industry in order to make as much money out of us as possible.

Personally, I have never really been that interested in Valentine's day, single or not.  I have never wanted to conform with the masses and make a huge deal out of it.  The only time Hubby and I went out for dinner on V Day I actually found it quite embarrassing and a little bit forced. Like we were being told: HAVE A ROMANTIC DINNER AND LOOK LOVINGLY INTO EACH OTHER'S EYES... OR ELSE!

So we decided that this year we are going to have a special evening in (special: a take away or one of those dine in for £10 jobbies) with a bottle of wine and a good movie.  We will probably exchange cards but we did make a point this year of agreeing to not get each other gifts.  We are trying to save money after all!

Anyway, as the weeks went on I saw the adverts on TV and all the shops filled with lovely valentine's themed gifts I started to feel like I should get him something more.  That is the power of the damn consumer industry mind controlling me and making me want to shower hubby with gifts, chocolates, flowers and pink, fluffy, rose scented cushions!  But I resisted, at all costs! and instead of buying a tacky teddy bear I took to Pinterest and searched for Valentine's gift ideas.

My search resulted in an endless list of fun, cheap and thoughtful gifts.  You can always rely on Pinterest to come to the rescue.

These are my favourite 4.

1.Cuddle Kit for two  2.Cheap Date Ideas  3.52 Things I Love About You  4.Sharpie DIY Mug
1. DIY Cuddle Kit for Two
I absolutely love this idea if you, like us are planning a romantic evening at home.  Get a bottle of bubbly, a box of choccies, your favourite film and a cozy blanket and lay it all into a pretty little basket.  This gift is one for you both to share but it's nice to take the pressure off of him to get the evening right.

2. Cheap Date Ideas
Generally speaking, it is usually his responsibility to take control of date night, where you're going to go/what you are going to do.  How about pre-planning your up coming year of dates? They don't have to be bank busters either.  Do a search for cheap date ideas and pick your favs.  That way you get to look forward to fun evenings with your hubby and he has the delight of not having to use his imagination (we all know how much they love using their imagination, right?) Write them all on some little cards and pop them into a cute decorated jar.

3. 52 Things I Love About You
If your man appreciates a bit of sentiment how about taking a pack of cards and writing 52 things you love about him.  Give him the whole pack to read through or place a card somewhere he will see it on those days he needs a bit of a pick me up. If you can't think of 52 things (it is alot!) how about writing as many as you can on folded heart shaped pieces of card.

4. Sharpie DIY Mug
Personalize a plain white mug by writing something sweet with a sharpie pen.  When you are happy with your design bake it in the oven and it is good to go.  I have never tried this before so I don't know how many washes it will endure but it is a very cute idea.  You could even make a matching his and hers set.

I'll definitely be trying one of these out this year for hubby, but can't say which as he reads my blog.

Do you have any cheap, fun and thoughtful gift ideas? Will you be trying any of these out this year?
Whatever you do, have a lovely Valentine's day everyone :)


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