07 March 2015

Lifestyle: 10 tips for staying happy in the cold weather

Top tips for staying happy in the cold weather

Okay, so I do realise that Winter is almost over and I actually think now that it is March, that means it is Spring? But I wanted to share how I have kept myself feeling positive and happy over the last few (very cold) months.  So here are my top 10 tips for you for next winter.  Some of these will help you no matter what the weather is outside so save this post and come back when you need a little encouragement to help you get through.

1. Start your day happy. Place your slippers on top of the radiator before you go to bed. When you wake up to a freezing cold house you will have nice toasty feet.  A simple yet effect way to start your day happy (only works if you have your central heating on a timer to come on at least half an hour before you get out of bed).

2. Hang a motivational quote in your bathroom.  Obviously one of the first things we all do when we wake up is go to the toilet.  I have a really long motivational poem hung in my bathroom so that I always read some words of encouragement at the beginning of the day.  This always helps me along and gives me the kick I need to get going.

3. Pre-heat your car while you finish getting ready to save time de-icing.  This will also ensure you don't get frost-bitten hands trying to scrap that ice off your car windows.  This task takes me about 10-15 minutes in the morning which I definitely don't take into account when setting my morning alarm.  Inevitably this then results in a rushed journey to work. Rushing= stress.  Stress= unhappy!

4. Plan a morning treat.  Start your working day with a little treat so that you have something to look forward to on your way to work, especially when you are stuck in traffic. The simple idea of a cup of tea and some food always motivates me through my morning journey.

5. Get organised. Having a tidy and organised home will make your life so much easier.  No more stress trying to find a hairband, your perfume or those shoes you really wanted to wear today.  I usually plan my whole outfit the night before and lay everything out.  In the morning I can literally grab the pile of clothes knowing I don't have to waste time trying to decide if that top goes with those trousers.

6.  Plan things to look forward to.  This can range from big exciting things like holidays in the Summer or just a Sunday morning catch up with a friend over coffee.  Having things to look forward gets me through the working week and it can really lift my mood.  If I have nothing scheduled one weekend, I make a point of planning to do something I love doing.  That may be dedicating my Saturday to writing blog posts or spending the whole weekend searching for old pieces of furniture and starting some upcycling projects.  Even the promise of getting to spend some QT with my little nephew can get me through a hard week.

7. Get enough sleep. This one is really important for me.  I need lots of sleep and not getting enough causes me to have severe mood swings.  Get to know your body and work out how much sleep is the best amount for you. Try and wake up at the same time on the weekends as you normally would in the week for work.  Your body will love the routine and you will feel so much happier.

8. Go for a walk, The cold air will wake you up if you are feeling tired and the light exercise will release those special endorphins to enhance your mood.  

9. Keep busy, no matter what the weather.  It is so much easier to stay indoors when it is cold outside and it serves as a great excuse when you just CBA but you may end up feeling like a bit of a hermit and will start to develop cabin fever if you stew in your own juices for too long.

10. Stay positive. Try not to talk about the bad weather too much and when times get tough don't let the thought of hot sunny days escape your mind.. Summer is always right around the corner. 

What helps you through the cold dull days of Winter?  Do you have any tips to share? I would love to know in the comments below.


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