04 March 2015

Lifestyle & Beauty: What's in My Little Box, February 2015

My Little Box, February 2015 review

February's My Little Box has managed to keep up with it's previous contenders and has impressed me yet again.  This month was the 'Frenchie' edition in collaboration with Ines de La Fressange.  I have no idea who that is but apparently she is some top influential fashion designer or something. Anyway, enough about her.. what was in my box??? Well, I will tell you.

As always a super cute little quote card.  Since re-doing my office I have been on the look out for super motivational quote cards to frame and hang all around my desk area.  This is another great one that is very wall-worthy indeed!

My favourite part of these boxes are the 'lifestyle' elements.  This month I was sent this really sweet Smartphone Case £16.00.  I liked the fact that it wasn't an iPhone specific cover, as I am a Samsung fan through and through.  So this little beaut fits more or less all sizes and makes of smartphones.  It has a little pocket on the front to store cards or train tickets.  I dont think I will be using it as a day to day cover for my phone but it will be great for those times you are just popping to the shop and don't want to take your whole bag with you.

The second part of the lifestyle element was a lot less practical and a lot more CUTE. This little Pot of Mssages £6.50 was a glass jar filled with tiny scrolls, each with a printed motivational quote or a very vital wardrobe tip.

Finally, the beauty elements.  Normally I get 3 wonderful beauty products to try, so you can imagine my utter surprise when I unpacked 4, yes 4!

The first was this 'My Little Beauty' Complexion Enhancer £9.50.  I must admit I haven't actually tried this one out yet. It's mission is to combat signs of dullness and fatigue from the effects of cold winter months.  This would be great for those 'I really cannot be bothered' make up free days.  It contains anti-oxidants and is infused with apricot kernel so it smells lovely.

The second was this L'Oreal Brow Artist Plumper £5.99.  It is a clear gel like substance that when applied with the mascara like brush, defines and plumps your brows.  I probably would have used this if it had been in the brown shade as I like to fill my brows in. If you have quite dark eyebrows then this would be suitable if you are just looking to define them a bit.

To go along with the eye theme I also got this Terry Crayon Khol Terrybly £23.50.  I am sorry but who in their right mind would spend £23.50 on an eyeliner? Okay sure, it has the staying power of something ridiculous but seriously? This shade was black with some subtle gold sparkles.  I may resort to using this on an evening out because I don't have anything else to use because my £2.99 Rimmel eyeliner has decided to break into a million pieces.  But I won't be clambering over myself to slap this on at every opportunity. 

Finally something I can actually use! Blotting paper is fab and so good to carry around in your handbag.  I can sometimes get quite oily skin especially if I have been running around the office all day so a few quick dabs and I am good to go. The packaging on this one looked like it came from Japan so I don't have a link to where you can get it, soz!
All in all, a great little box. Yeah okay so some of the beauty products weren't for me but when are they ever? I am so hard to please when it comes to skincare or cosmetics as I just don't tend to use a hell of a lot. But like I have said before, I do enjoy trying new products out.  Looking forward to getting my March box already! Until next time, My Little Box.


Nicola Bhamra


  1. This is one of the best boxes i've seen, so adorable
    Gorgeous blog xx