08 April 2015

Beauty: 10 really simple beauty tips I wish I had known sooner


1. Double cleansing is vital to clearer skin
2. Drink more water - it is great for skin, hair and nails
3. Use masking tape as an eyeliner guide
4. Use a proper foundation brush to apply foundation, not your fingers
5. Follow your natural brow shape, and don't go crazy with the tweezers
6. A good quality pair of eyelash curlers are a god send
7. Wash all of your make up brushes regularly
8. There is such a thing as too much hairspray
9. Apply more styling product to wet hair, and less to dry
10. Learn how to curl your hair using straighteners -you won't need to fork out for a curling tong

Do you have any simple beauty tips? I would love to hear them in the comments below.

Nicola Bhamra

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