01 April 2015

Lifestyle: Bye Bye March, My Month in Pictures

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The last month seems to have dragged somewhat. I don't know why, maybe because February was such a busy few weeks and seemed to fly past.  It just seems a long time since I did a 'Month in Pictures' post.

Anyway.. the last few weeks have been pretty awesome.  I have kept up with my promise last month of posting twice a week, every Wednesday and Saturday and I am pretty darn proud of myself for that. Well done me.

I have also kept my promise of more Bobby and Charlie pics, although because Bobby has been a
needy baby, greedy baby, he has subsequently been papped more often than poor Charlie.

My Instagram feed at this time of year is usually filled with upcycling projects but unfortunately I haven't had the chance to get started on anything yet.  We are in the process of selling our house and had to clear it all out ready for photos and viewings so I am holding off filling my home with old shoddy furniture until the viewings have stopped.

This month also saw the launch of my new little project - digitally printed postcards. I have absolutely loved spending hours at the computer creating hundreds of inspirational quotes, famous song lyrics and funny cat sayings.  I have held off printing them ALL as there are millions so have started with a little collection of 17, and you can find them all HERE. So yeah, they have featured heavily on my Instagram feed this month, and expect to see a lot more of them!

OH and I got nominated for a Liebster Award so there was that. And FYI - our Christmas tree? STILL ALIVE!


Nicola Bhamra

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