02 May 2015

Our Wedding: Part One, Morning Preparations

Blog post on our wedding day.

This weekend marks our 2nd wedding anniversary (how has it been that long?!) and to celebrate making it two brilliant years with Dan as my husband I wanted to write a little mini series - because one blog post would just be too long - on our special day.  This is also a little anniversary gift to him, my memories, thoughts and feelings from our big day.

Expect lots of mushy words and some cringe worthy photos from the best day of our lives... so far..

Part one of this little series starts with the prep work - the morning of the 5th May 2013 at De Vere, Gorse Hill.  I was up at the crack of dawn, well actually I was up all night, and immediately started getting ready. This is the one day in a bride's life where it is totally acceptable to schedule 6 -7 hours of prep work, namely, hair, make up and putting on 'the dress'.  And why was I up all night? because sharing a room with my Mum and Sister probably wasn't the greatest of ideas. Plus all I could think about was the following day, my mind was racing all night.

Champagne, bucks fizz, morning prep

So with literally no sleep and running solely on adrenaline I gathered everyone up for a Bucks Fizz and breakfast to kick the day off right and there's nothing wrong with a little alcohol at 6am is there? Only on your wedding day is that mildly acceptable!

Wedding make up, morning preparations

Wedding make up, morning prep, make up brushes

Morning prep, wedding make up, bride

 Morning preparations, wedding, bridesmaids, matching dressing gowns, personalised gowns

Morning wedding preparations, bridesmaids, matching pj's, personalised dressing gowns

I had the idea of making matching dressing gowns for us all to wear in the morning of the wedding day.  It's something I didn't think of until the last moment of planning as I was running each moment of the day over in my head, meticulously planning every second.  

I wanted us all to be comfortable whilst getting ready and in our pj's like we would normally be at home. But I was suddenly very aware that the photographer was going to be there first thing snapping photos of us as we had our hair and make up done. 

I bought a load of dressing gowns from Primark and designed some transfers online.  I then ironed each one onto the back of the gowns and was a complete bridezilla when I demanded that everyone wore simple white pj's.  I was going to have these photos forever and I wanted each one of them to be perfect. No bright pink patterned pjs in MY wedding!  It's okay to a bit of a nightmare in the lead up to your wedding - it is your day of course!

Wedding make up, morning preparations, mother of the bride

Bridesmaids wedding preparations, hair and make up

Morning wedding preparations, hair and make up, bridal hair, bridal make up.

Wedding bride bridal party personalised dressing gown

Wedding hair, morning preparations, bridal party, bridesmaids

Once all our hair and make up was mostly done, we moved ourselves (and all our stuff) to the official bridal suite.  It was here that we changed into our dresses, had the rollers removed from our hair and had finishing touches applied to our make up.

I think at this point our photographer was busy snapping pics of Dan getting ready. Obviously not as many, and his room was tiny so I can't imagine she was able to get many good angles.  She did get some good handsome shots of him though, not that that would have been difficult ;)

Morning preparations, groom, best man

Groom, morning preparations, wedding

Morning preparations, wedding, groom

It doesn't matter how long you give the bridal party to get ready, the bride is destined to be late.

I remember it was in the bridal suite that my heart was running at 100mph and my stomach was doing flips.  It was only a matter of minutes before we got that knock on the door to say they were ready for us. And when it came, I almost passed out. My sister still had her hair in rollers and I didn't have my veil on! We rushed through the final touches and I was the first out that door.

It wasn't until I was downstairs that I realised I was on my own. The first time all day that I was alone and it scared the life out of me. I suddenly thought 'Oh my god what the hell, I am about to get married' and with no distractions around me thoughts turned to my Dad.

I wish I could look back on my wedding day with nothing but joy and happiness, but losing my Dad just a few days before couldn't help but bring a little sadness to the day.  I wish he could have been there to walk me down the aisle, to tell me I looked beautiful and so that I could have heard him make his speech.

But I know he was there in spirit, watching the day's events unfold and most probably so proud at how we all made it through with smiles on our faces, genuinely enjoying the day.

Morning preparations, bridal party, bridesmaids, hair and make up, bridesmaids dresses

Wedding morning preparations, wedding dress, lace, bride

Wedding dress, morning preparations, bride, bridal

Morning wedding preparations, bride, wedding dress

I wasn't alone with my thoughts for too long, I was spotted and swiftly taken into a room to do the formalities with the registrars. Once that was over... it was time to see Dan.



  1. Aw Nic you did soo well☺️

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