05 May 2015

Our Wedding: Part Three, Dinner and Party

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Continued from 'Our Wedding: Part Two'...

Once the formalities of the ceremony and official photos were over it was time to really relax and enjoy the company of all our closest friends and family.  We wanted a small wedding and had just 40 guests.  To be honest, if we could have we would have tied the knot abroad with just immediate family!

I remember at dinner I couldn't eat a thing. Not because I wasn't hungry, I was starving! But because my dress was so god damn tight, sucking in all my lumps and bumps. I think I managed to eat part of my starter and a glass of champagne, what a waste of time it was spending a whole day trying to pick out our wedding menu!  But it looked like everyone else enjoyed the food so I guess it was worth it..

We decided to give our guests options for their dinner... big mistake! We had a choice of three starters, three mains and three desserts.  It was such a nightmare getting back everyone's menu options in advance and it just added to the stress of organizing such a big event. I suppose it was nice that everyone got to eat what they wanted but honestly, just stick to soup, chicken and a lemon tart.

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Reception wedding breakfast decorations, flowers, table, candelabra

We had the most amazing flowers on our wedding day.  I wanted the venue to be completely filled with them, on every table, mantle piece and window ledge. I went with a vintage rose theme and Ryan at Love Flowers picked out the best ones he could get his hands on.  He was so fantastic, I literally told him the kind of look I wanted and left him to it. He worked his creative magic and put together a gorgeous mix of roses, orchids, peonies and even rosemary. Plus he is a close friend of the family so was able to ensure they looked great throughout the whole day. Thank you Ryan!

wedding reception breakfast dinner groom bride speech wedding flowers

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wedding reception dinner breakfast bride and groom

best man gift present gift bag wedding

bridesmaid gift present gift bag wedding

wedding favours, coasters, bath stone, ribbon

I wanted to make a lot of the wedding decor myself and we bought some of those DIY sets for the invites and table seating plan.  After spending soooo many hours (days), and completely ruining my hands with glue putting all the components together I made the swift decision to just buy the rest of the wedding stuff. 

I went straight to Etsy (my absolute favourite) and began searching through their endless wedding category. I bought quite a lot from Etsy in the end. The thank you bags, cards, gift tags, the bridesmaids' ivory silk sashes, my earrings, the table numbers and guestbook sign!

Our wedding favours were personalised engraved Bath stone coasters which were made by Dan's cousin (you can find his online shop here). We wanted something a little different to the usual sugared almonds, and something each guest could take away as a memento from the day so these were perfect. We still use ours two years on!

After a lovely (well it did look lovely) dinner and some pretty funny speeches it was time to cut the cake. We did the usual typical photos here; pretending to stab Dan with the huge cake knife and feeding each other pieces of cake etc.  

Since we had such a small wedding we made up for it in evening guests and we wanted them to experience some of the little traditions that most weddings have (since they missed out on the biggies like the ceremony and speeches). We invited them all a little earlier so they could see the cutting of the cake and the throwing of the bridal bouquet. Oh, and the first dance..

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Wedding cake, roses, vintage wedding

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wedding cake, cutting the cake, bride and groom, wedding dress, wedding flowers

Dan chose our first dance song and it was one that I hadn't heard before.  I remember months before the big day we were going through so many typical songs that we just didn't feel any connection to.

When he played me Brad Paisley 'She's everything' it all just clicked, I think I even shed a little tear!  I loved that it was a song that most people hadn't heard before and probably only a few people had chosen as their first dance song.

wedding, first dance, bride and groom, wedding dress

bride and groom, first dance, wedding, wedding dress

bride and groom, wedding dress, first dance

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wedding, dancing, dance, party, wedding dress

wedding, bride and groom, dancing

We had such a great evening, not worrying about what we looked like for the photos, just really relaxed. Of course we had to mingle a bit and we spent a long time greeting guests, making sure we got round everybody and introducing countless people to one another.

However, I spent the majority of the night on the dance floor, busting moves to all the songs we love. I remember going hours without seeing Dan (he's not much of a dancer) but I managed to pull him onto the dance floor a few times.

The photographer and videographers stayed really late and just before they left we managed to get a couple of last minute shots in - thank god I had my sister (the make up artist) there to touch up my face for the evening!

wedding, bride and groom, photo, fountain

wedding, bride and groom, photo, fountain

I have absolutely loved writing this mini series on our wedding day, reminiscing over the day's events and remembering all of my thoughts and feelings. This really and truly was the best day of my life, I married my best friend and soul mate and I am so thankful I have such lovely photos and videos from the day to remember each tiny little detail.

Thank you to Dan, for being the best fiance helping me to plan such a lovely day, and supporting me through the hardest time in my life in the week leading up to it. And for being an even more amazing husband, doing so much for me, picking me up when I am down and sticking by me through thick and thin. 

Words cannot describe how thankful I am to have him in my life.

Happy Anniversary Hubster, I love you more than life itself.

And on that note, here is the highlights video I promised you.. 


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