03 September 2015

A little hiatus

It has been just about 4 months since my last post and I am coming back feeling very refreshed.  I took a little break to gain a some breathing space in my life. Blogging slowly became something I never really intended it to - a chore.  It no longer felt like a hobby to me so I pulled the plug.

If you are a fellow blogger you must already know, it's so easy to become obsessed with stats, so easy to compare your blog with much bigger very successful ones and with all the advice out there on how to make blogging into a business it's hard not to get sucked in.

I am coming back to a much calmer, more relaxed way of blogging - much like how it was in the beginning. There will be no scheduled posts, probably no consistent blog series and a lot less stress!

I'm not going to be fixated on my blog stats, I won't even look at them! I don't care how many people are reading my blog, I am writing for ME.  This is something I want to look back on over the years with fondness and laugh (or cry) at my memories.

A few snaps from my Instagram feed - just to fill in on those missing 4 months. 
As well as giving blogging a break, I also minimized the amount of time I gave to social media so I haven't documented too much in all honesty. Mostly just pictures of the cats and my little Reggie. 
But over the last summer I have:

Grown my hair quite long
Then cut my hair really short
Taken a few (not enough) country walks
Sold our house
Bought a new house!
Done a little upcycling
Started making digital prints
...only to give it up a couple of months later
Helped my Mum start up a little Etsy shop Laura's Love Letters
Had a fancy night out at Luton Hoo Hotel
Packed... a lot! (house move is imminent!)
Met the Gruffalo at Wendover Woods
Had loads of Reggie cuddles
Gave up on the British Summer weather
Desperately longed for a holiday abroad by the sea
Caught up with long lost friends and family

I'm not really sure what's to come, 
I'm winging it - without a plan.


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