17 September 2015

Birthday treats

I can't believe how quickly my birthday has come around this year - it's crazy to think that it is September already. It seems like just yesterday that I was celebrating my 26th with friends and family in my back garden. 

Since we are desperately trying to save all the money we can for our house move I suggested a low key birthday this year.  I just wanted the day off work in all honesty! 

It kicked off to a great start, breakfast and a cup of tea in bed (nothing beats it). Then, as tradition goes, I donned my dressing gown and slippers and opened my cards and pressies in the living room. I always want to open them in bed but hubby insists on the living room. We always decorate it for eachother's birthdays - balloons, confetti and banners everywhere - so I supposed it makes sense to make use of it. 

I wanted to have a little mooch around London so we hopped on the train and completely underestimated the cost of a travel card (£21 each off peak!).  Over the last few years we have been slowly moving further and further away from London and so visiting the city is more of a big deal to us (and more expensive).  

So anyway, after watching the latest 'Night at the Museum' film we've both wanted to go to the British Museum (where the film is set), so that's what we did! It is only a short walk from Euston Station so we were there in no time. The building is really spectacular and oh my god, so big! It took us hours to go round the whole place making sure we didn't miss any rooms, we even had to have a break mid way through to rest our feet and refuel. The museum is really spectacular and is full of basically everything that makes up the history of mankind. 

I always wish I had taken more photos but I just never remember to whip out my camera and to be honest, I would rather enjoy the moment and take everything in than spend the whole time looking through a lens. I particularly wanted to snap a shot of the museum's spectacular exterior.  Really crazy to see such a beautiful building that looked like it belonged in ancient Greece sitting in the middle of a bustling London street. But it was tipping it down when we left and we were just too focused on making it to the tube station to stop.

We were absolutely starving when we finished making our way round the endless rooms at the museum and were about to keel over so we got the tube to Covent Garden and headed straight for Pizza Express (my fav!).  I think it must have been because I have been eating so healthy recently and have barely touched bread that my pizza tasted god damn amazeballs. It was the best pizza I've ever had I think!  All this stupid healthy eating is really making me appreciate the taste of the food I've been missing that I would have totally taken for granted before. I even had a sneaky Peroni with my meal.. shhh!

After a day spent running through the rain we were desperate to get into some dry clothes and rest our feet so we went home before rush hour hit, changed into our cozy's and watched a film. A perfect end to a perfect day.

Oh, and no birthday is complete without Colin the Caterpillar!


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