14 September 2015

Healthy beginnings

Back in January I wrote this post detailing my resolutions for the year. The first and most important promise was to look after my health. I have always been a bit relaxed when it comes to my health and well being. I have never had any real problems so could never grasp the importance of being aware of the state of my body. 

One of the biggest changes I have made this year is my diet. I have always been one of those really lucky and probably really annoying people that have been able to eat and eat and eat and not put on a single pound.  I took advantage of this and ate so much junk food but when I turned 18 and started uni it started to catch up with me. I slowly put on a few pounds and to be honest, I was loving it! I always wanted to gain a little weight as being a stick thin rake just wasn't attractive to me.  However, I made a promise to myself that if I ever got to a point that I felt just a little bit uncomfortable in a bikini, I would stop living the good life and start watching what I ate. 

Sadly, that time has come.

The final push that led me to my new healthy eating was a conversation I had a few weeks ago when we were sorting out our new life insurance policy with our mortgage advisor. He asked me what I currently weighed, to which I sheepishly obliged to answer. I couldn't stop myself asking him what I answered to the same question two years ago. When he told me I weighed 9 lbs lighter back then I was a little shocked.  I know that doesn't sound like much to a lot of people but to me, someone who struggled to gain a single pound for the majority of her life, it felt like a bombshell. 

I never really thought that we ate that badly. I have always cooked every dinner from scratch and avoided too many take aways and pizzas, We ate okay (so I thought). But it wasn't until I became a little obsessed with analyzing what it was I was cooking and eating that I realised it was all the little hidden ingredients and things I wouldn't even think twice about scoffing at my desk that were doing the real damage. It was that pot of cream and the block of cheddar cheese I used to make my pasta bake and the daily packet of crisps, oh and not forgetting the endless amounts of coke we got through on a weekly basis. 

I had heard so much about the in-laws' massive weight loss on the Slimming World diet and so asked for their advice.  They gave us all the information we would need in the form of about a million books. We read into this diet and it did sound pretty straight forward and made so much sense. Basically just making sure that you ate a very simple mixed balanced diet. As we started on this 'diet' and were counting 'syns' here there and everywhere we became a little frustrated. I don't enjoy counting and weighing and measuring each and every little thing I consume and so this element of the diet annoyed me. I decided we were going to take the concept of this new way of eating and forget about the minor details.

It really is just a few little changes that make the most difference. I don't want to drastically lose 10lbs in a week. I plan to adopt this new healthy eating way of life, being conscious of what I eat and limiting myself to just a couple of treats a day.  Hopefully I will be my desired weight by our next summer holiday. Plenty of time! 


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