04 September 2015

Moving house is a bitch!

People have always said to me 'moving house is one of the most stressful things you will do'. I always thought they were wrong. Moving into our current home was an absolute breeze, but that was because we were first time buyers and were moving from a rented flat. But now I know exactly what they meant. Selling a house is the most stressful thing you will do!

Oh dear god, it is so much worse when you have a property to sell. You start thinking about chains, about what kind of buyer you want to attract.  You have to think long and hard about offers that come in making sure not to pounce at the first bite. Then when you have the perfect buyer for your property (full asking price, first time buyers) they pull out of the sale at the last minute leaving you at square one!

That's not all. As the process starts to come to and end and you box up your whole home in anticipation of that call to say you have exchanged, life likes to throw in another curve ball just to make things interesting.  You are stuck in a limbo stage not knowing what is going on, panicking because the house you are buying has been relisted, panicking that someone could potentially pull out of the chain, panicking that at the very last moment it could all fall through. 

And that is where we currently are with our house sale.  In limbo. We have a house full of packed boxes with hardly anywhere to move.  Just waiting for the call.  And this is where we have been for the last 3 weeks. When will it end?



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