06 September 2015

One of those days..

As soon as September arrived last week it felt like summer had officially ended and autumn had set in.  Temperatures plummeted and the rain arrived. I made peace with the fact that we haven't really had a proper Summer this year (when do we ever get one of those in the UK) and have started to look forward to Autumn. We lit our first fire the other day and I even unearthed my boots, jumpers and coats in anticipation!

But today was one of those days. After a week of crappy, miserable rain and cold you give up hope only for the sun to suddenly come out in full force. We tried to make the most of it so popped into Tring for a little coffee date in the sun. You just never know when we will get another day like today. Especially one on a weekend when we are both off work together!

Just half an hour of complete peace and quiet in the gorgeous Tring Memorial Garden was all we needed to get our fix of sunshine (and coffee).

However, as much as I love the sun, I wish it would make up its mind. It is so difficult to know how to dress for this weird extreme weather. I am secretly wishing for Autumn so I can commit to jumpers, jeans and boots.


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