06 October 2015

Moving house is a bitch: update

A little while ago I wrote about the stress of selling our house.  I used it as a bit of a outlet for my frustrations and anger at our situation at that time. I should have probably explained a little better, all the ups and downs...

25 February 2015 - we were outgrowing our little cottage, even with just the two of us so we had two choices, we could either stay and spend some money doing it up, maybe adding an extension to make it bigger.  Or we could sell up and buy something with a bit more space.  We decided to do just that so before putting our house on the market we started searching for our perfect home.

It didn't take us long to find a perfect three bed semi detached house in a quiet little village.  We were certain that this was the house for us so put in an offer which was agreed with the condition that we had a buyer for our house. 

23 March 2015 -  our house was officially listed on the market and it wasn't long before the endless number of viewings started to appear in the diary. Two weeks later we were in a great position, had a couple of asking price offers and it was just a case of choosing which buyer was in a better position. We opted for the first time buyers, no house to sell - much easier! A quick call to the estate agent confirmed our purchase of our 'dream home'.  We added the condition that completion date must be after 3rd August so that we we rent charged a redemption penalty.  They weren't over the moon with this but agreed nonetheless.

5 June 2015 - we regretted that decision immensely. A survey they had done on the house came out with the most ridiculous results. Apparently our house had a major damp issue, the boiler needed replacing immediately and there were faults with the electrics which would plant images in anyone's minds of the whole place blowing up at the flick of a switch! 

By the way just to set the record straight, our house has zero damp (you wouldn't have even been able to take a reading in the room with the alleged issue), the boiler is just old and perfectly safe and the electrics were also working fine they just needed a bit of an update. Also, I am pretty certain I would expect a lot worse from a house that was built in 1865!

5 June 2015 (4 hours later) - have no fear! we were totally unaware that we had a very very interested buyer waiting in the wings ready to pounce if for any reason the sale fell through.  She immediately gave us the full asking price offer when she heard it was going to be relisted.  We were so happy with our new buyer.  She was aware of all the issues that came up on the survey and she really wasn't that fussed about them.  Her chain was also complete and ready to get moving so we were under the impression that the August move in was still achievable.

August 2015 - this is where it all started going a bit pete-tong. The initial agreed move in date of that first week in August came and went and there were endless issues arising from down the chain.  One estate agent was refusing to talk to any of the others so no one really knew what was happening.  There was a lot of hold ups and a lot of broken promises. Each week throughout the whole of August and a good part of September we heard that we would 'definitely be exchanging this week' only to be left disappointed come Friday. This when on for what seemed like forever.

September 2015 - our dream home was relisted.  The owners got tired of waiting and had realised that their property was now worth a lot more than what they sold it for.  They had also taken out a bridging loan in order to not lose the house they were buying so were a bit desperate for either more money to cover the cost or a quick completion.

It didn't look like their house was getting much attention so they took it off the market with their current agents and relisted at a much higher price with a competitor.  Our chain were finally all ready to exchange when they gave us all an ultimatum - either we complete by the 2nd October or they were going to pull out. Before we knew it, they asked for our contracts back. The sale was officially off. We presumed that they had had a higher offer but we never really found out. We were devastated but in a way felt some relief as after 6 weeks of living out of boxes we could unpack and feel a bit more relaxed.

October 2015 - we didn't have time to feel too relaxed as we found the PERFECT house and had our offer accepted.  The saying is true that everything happens for a reason because after losing that first house, we had realised that actually we would like to be in a more built up area and a location close to schools, train stations and shops. We were also able to increase our budget as after 5 months, our house had gone up in value by 15k.  We are super excited about our new home. Hopefully this purchase will go through a lot quicker and with far fewer problems.

Once we are in and settled I will post a little 'new home house tour' and keep you updated with the work we plan to do.

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